How to Approach Your Roof Maintenance Carefully

September 18, 2017

Important Advice from a Professional Roofing Contractor

Many homeowners like to tackle different odd jobs around their home. But when your roof is in need of repair, you might be tempted to climb up there and fix it immediately. Just hold it right there and read these important tips for a safe and trouble-free roof inspection. A knowledgeable roofing contractor advises:

Before you do anything, you should be familiar with the work area. You should avoid potential hazards, such as power lines, slippery roofing slopes, uneven terrain, debris, and more. You can block your children and pets from the area due to the risk of falling debris and roof materials. Plus, be careful about the weather. Never go up there when it’s raining, snowing, or it’s too hot.

Do you have the right equipment for the job? First of all, you will need a stable ladder. There are aluminum and fiberglass ones. We strongly recommend you use the second type as they are heavier and sturdier. Make sure it extends at least three feet above the gutters.

Moreover, you will have to buy some safety gear. Roof brackets are a must to reduce the risk of serious accidents. You may also like to purchase special rubber boots with non-slippery soles for walking on the uneven terrain. You should have a place to store your tools too. When climbing the ladder, you can consider having a belt similar to those handymen have when performing repairs. Remember, when climbing the ladder, your hands must be free from any tools.

You should also dress for the job properly. You should wear comfortable clothing, nothing too baggy to avoid the risk of getting caught on sharp edges. And do not forget to buy some knee pads. They will save you the hassle of getting injuries and wounds during the roof inspection.

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Updated: September 18, 2017 at 7:26 pm